37s የጎርፍ-ኢሽ 3x06 ማስተዋወቂያ "እውነተኛ ሕይወት S ** t" (ኤችዲ) images and subtitles

እኔ ዞይ ጆንሰን ነኝ ፡፡ የአባቴ ተወዳጅ ልጅ ነኝ ፡፡ በስመአብ. ዜን-ከል ጋር? አይ ፣ አይሆንም ፣ አይሆንም ፣ የለም ፣ የለም። ዞይይ እርጉዝ አይደለችም። ቢያንስ እኔ እንደማስበው ፡፡ በእርግጠኝነት በእኔ አይደለም ፡፡ እነዚህ ሁሉ መንገዶች ይለምዳሉ እርስዎ አንድ የማይፈራ ጥቁር ጓደኛ እንዲሆኑልዎ ፡፡

የጎርፍ-ኢሽ 3x06 ማስተዋወቂያ "እውነተኛ ሕይወት S ** t" (ኤችዲ)

Grown-ish 3x06 "Real Life S**t" Season 3 Episode 6 Promo - Aaron's student loan troubles come to a head when he looks for a job at the Cal U job fair, which leads him to ask Zoey for her help in getting a job working for her dad at Stevens & Lido. Meanwhile, Sky struggles to come to terms with her recent discovery about Rodney. Jillian tries to bond with Zoey. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Grown-ish season 3 promos in HD! Grown-ish official website: freeform.go.com/shows/grown-ish Watch more Grown-ish Season 3 videos: www.youtube.com/playlist Like Grown-ish on Facebook: www.facebook.com/grownishTV Follow Grown-ish on Twitter: twitter.com/Grownish Follow Grown-ish on Instagram: www.instagram.com/Grownish Grown-ish 3x06 Promo/Preview "Real Life S**t" Grown-ish Season 3 Episode 6 Promo Grown-ish 3x06 Promo "Real Life S**t" (HD) #grownish » Watch Grown-ish Thursdays at 8:00pm on Freeform » Starring: Yara Shahidi, Francia Raisa, Luka Sabbat, Trevor Jackson Contribute subtitle translations for this video: www.youtube.com/timedtext_video
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< start="5.179" dur="2.3"> እኔ ዞይ ጆንሰን ነኝ ፡፡ የአባቴ ተወዳጅ ልጅ ነኝ ፡፡ >

< start="7.539" dur="1.271"> በስመአብ. ዜን-ከል ጋር? >

< start="9.958" dur="0.661"> አይ ፣ አይሆንም ፣ አይሆንም ፣ የለም ፣ የለም። >

< start="10.61" dur="0.789"> ዞይይ እርጉዝ አይደለችም። >

< start="11.388" dur="1.091"> ቢያንስ እኔ እንደማስበው ፡፡ >

< start="12.438" dur="0.871"> በእርግጠኝነት በእኔ አይደለም ፡፡ >

< start="20.848" dur="1.043"> እነዚህ ሁሉ መንገዶች ይለምዳሉ >

< start="21.87" dur="2.122"> እርስዎ አንድ የማይፈራ ጥቁር ጓደኛ እንዲሆኑልዎ ፡፡ >